Get MA LTC Certified...Guaranteed!

Take our class. Apply to your local police department. Get your license. It's that easy.
Two convenient locations: QUINCY and WOBURN

Guaranteed Mass Gun License School is the best way to earn
your Firearm Safety Certificate

The easy way to get your gun license. 100% Guaranteed!
  • Instructor will display the different parts of the handgun, variations of ammunition, and proper storage.
  • We will teach proper loading and unloading of live handguns. This part could save your life!
  • In depth coverage of transport, storage, and legally allowable use of a firearm.
  • Particular attention will be paid to safe handling of guns and ammunition.

You Can Shoot a Real Gun in Our Police Simulator

Real hands-on HD simulation

What do you mean I get to fire a real gun?

We have an actual police simulator, the same one many departments use in their own training. It's a great way learn to fundamentals of shooting using a real firearm without any fear of being injured.

What does the simulator do?

Using HD video the simulator presents targets for you to test your shooting accuracy - it's like being in a real range but there's no live ammunition involved. Everything is done through computerized laser targeting. Yes, it's really fun and more importantly you'll be able to test your shooting accuracy in a 100% safe environment.

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