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In The Home With A Firearm

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Don't have a license to carry in Massachusetts? Get your LTC with our basic firearm safety course.

How Prepared Are You For a Life Threatening Situation If An Intruder Enters Your Home?

If you have a gun in your home for protection or you are planning to get one, would you know exactly how to handle the situation if there were an intruder in your house? Gun Safety classes and the licensing procedure don't prepare you for what could be the most important moment of your life. Decisions you make in a time like this can determine whether or not you and your family survive a life threatening situation. With stakes this high can you really afford to not be 100% prepared?

Knowledge you will gain from this course...

  • Come Up With A Plan For You And Your Family If There Is An Intruder
  • Handgun Selection For Protection
  • Tactical Tools For De-escalating With An Intruder
  • Drills In Class To Test and Prepare For Readiness
  • Understanding Calibers and Ballistics
  • And A Whole Lot More!

You will leave our class far more ready to deal with an intruder and how to legally protect your family.

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